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All our activities are based on a balanced range of fish, crustacean and shellfish products, whereby we take account of our corporate social responsibility. Containers of fish, crustaceans and shellfish are imported on a daily basis from Asia and Africa for the European market. The long-term relationship with our suppliers means that we offer our customers products with the required level of quality, and reliability of supply is very important to us.

Our experience and good relationship with our suppliers mean that we also have the right information about the correct ‘purchase moment’. We share this information with our customers, enabling them to make the right buying decision.

We only supply full containers. Customers can thereby opt for different products from various suppliers. All products can be provided in both bulk and individual packaging with the customer or supplier’s branding. More information about this can be found under packaging and logistics.

By only supplying full containers we avoid competing directly or indirectly with our customers.

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The range has been put together with care over the years. A summary of all the products that we offer can be found below. Our range includes both farmed and wild-caught fish and shellfish.

We can of course also source specific products for you, provided that these products are available in the countries from which we buy.


Black Tiger        Penaeus monodon                
Vannamei Penaeus vannamei
Cat Tiger Parapenaeopsis sculptilis
Whites Penaeus indicus
Red Shrimp Solenocera melantho
Pink Shrimp Trachypenaeus curvirostris


Squid        Loligo chinensis                
Squid Rings Illex argentinus, Todarodes pacificus, Ommastrephus bartrami
Squid Tubes Illex argentinus, Todarodes pacificus, Ommastrephus bartrami
Sepia/Cuttlefish         Sepia officinalis
Octopus Octopus vulgaris


Pangasius        Pangasius hypopthalmus                
Tilapia Oreochromis niloticus
Yellow Fin Sole         Limanda aspera
Nile Perch Lates niloticus
Monk Fish Lophius litulon
John Dory Zeus Japonicus


Clam meat        Paphia undulata                
Clam meat (2) Anadara antiquata
Clams Shell On        Meretrix lyrata


Surimi        Pseudosciaena crocea                
Seafood mix        -

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All products are processed and packaged at source. Froconsur supplies the products under private label, our own Aldus brand or the supplier’s brand. Naturally you have a choice of packaging options such as bags (printed or with rider labels/cavalier), boxes, bulk packaging, etc. If required we can design new packaging in consultation with the customer.

As a specialist we are well-informed about the legal requirements concerning packaging. This avoids potential problems with the authorities and/or during customs clearance.

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After finalising and placing the order the work starts for the back office department: maintaining contact about your order with both our supplier and the customer.

During shipping the back office ensures that the documents provided by the supplier are carefully checked in order to eliminate any administrative errors in advance. Upon arrival in the destination port, close collaboration with our customs agents results in rapid customs clearance. From the port we deliver the products direct to the customer.

Products bought through Froconsur are supplied on a CIF, CIP or DDP basis to the port or your cold store, depending on the customer’s requirements.

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