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Froconsur is a specialist in the import and export of frozen seafood, mainly from Asia and Africa, destined for the European market.

We have opted for a refined range in order to be able to inform you as the customer as effectively as possible about our products, so you are always aware of the latest market developments.

We supply bespoke solutions for every customer, from product to packaging and shipping, from storage to finance. Our strength lies in our good and solid contacts with customers and suppliers, which means that we always provide an excellent service. By this we mean:
- providing market information,
- delivering the products that you have ordered on time,
- developing and supplying in the packaging that you require,
- arranging shipping and - if required - customs clearance,
- arranging finance for the supplied goods.

Our mission is to inform our customers in such a way that they can make a better buying decision and thus achieve a higher turnover and higher profits!

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Froconsur is HACCP certified.

Froconsur is MSC certified.

Froconsur is ASC certified.

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About Froconsur

Froconsur started more than twenty years ago under the leadership of André Papa. The company has grown over the years and it currently boasts a team of 15 specialists in the areas of sourcing, buying, sales, logistics and quality. Froconsur is a small, flat organisation within which all the departments work closely together.

The sales department maintains close contacts with the customers and suppliers and concludes orders.

When an order has been concluded, it is transferred to back office. This department deals with everything from the packaging design to the logistical process, in close consultation with supplier and customer.

We employ two quality control specialists. This means that you are always assured of a product of the correct quality.

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Our Mission

Our mission is to inform our customers in such a way that they can make a better buying decision and thus achieve a higher turnover and higher profits!

Providing information is our motto. Froconsur does not just sell product - Froconsur provides customers with information. With a refined range from a limited number of countries we can provide our customers with very detailed information. We sit down with the customer to discuss their requirements and how we can meet them. The products are supplied in full containers. We are thereby able to supply a balanced range thanks to the option of groupage in the country of origin.

We provide our customers with the required information about issues including market developments, product specifications, packaging and time of delivery so that the customer can make a sound buying decision.

This detailed information enables the customer to make a better choice. The result is that there is no 'hard selling'. Instead we build a long-term relationship by thinking along with the customer and exchanging information. This engenders trust, and the supplier, the customer and Froconsur reap the benefits of this. The fact that our approach bears fruit is shown by the relationship that we have with our customers, often extending over many years.

Our customers are wholesalers, suppliers to the hospitality industry, buying consortiums, supermarkets and manufacturers who have the capacity to be supplied in full containers.

By providing clear and honest information thanks to our good connections, we offer added value to our customers.

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Corporate social responsibility (CSR) is a very important aspect within an organisation nowadays. But what does it involve? CSR is about consciously focusing the business activities on the long-term creation of value in three dimensions: market (the economic return), people (the consequences for people inside and outside the company) and environment (the effects on the natural environment). (www.ser.nl).

Froconsur attaches a lot of value to corporate social responsibility. The growth in the world's population is resulting in greater demand for fish products. This means that there are risks of incorrect fishing techniques, illegal catching, overfishing and pollution which pose a threat to fish populations and eco systems. Froconsur distances itself from such practices and is therefore selective in its choice of suppliers. We only deal with certified production companies.

This selection process not only examines the way in which the fish are caught or farmed, but also looks at the social side of the company. This means - amongst other things - that there are no fraudulent practices, no child labour and good working conditions.

Froconsur is a profit-oriented and competitive trading company where a considered, socially responsible decision is made for each order, bearing in mind the three areas of CSR: environment, market and people.

The Vereniging van Importeurs van Visproducts (Association of Fish Product Importers - VIV) decided in autumn 2006 to set down the shared principles of Corporate Social Responsibility in a Code of Conduct. As a member of the VIV Froconsur has signed up to this. The content of the Code of Conduct can be viewed here.

Child at Venture
With the slogan Entrepreneurs for Entrepreneurs Froconsur has started a cooperation with Child at Venture, a NGO which helps young adults in developing countries to become entrepreneurs.

The cooperation exists of ‘adopting’ a business in Kenya by Froconsur. The young Kenyans have been trained in entrepreneurship by Child at Venture. Froconsur adopts a so called ‘Safe Space’, a location where multiple entrepreneurs can start their business. A ‘Safe Space’ is a safe and central place where Kenyan teenage moms, whom are vulnerable and due to poverty become victim of exploitation and prostitution, can start their own restaurant. At the same time, the space, which is located in Kisumu, the main city in West Kenya, will be used by hairdressers and tailors.

Froconsur supports the Kenyan initiative for 18 months and will help the entrepreneurs both financially and by sharing experience and knowledge on how to set up a company. By this a unique situation will come into existence between the experienced organisation Froconsur and the young Kenyan ladies.

For more information please click the following link to the press release or visit the site of Child at Venture.

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Froconsur is a dynamic business focused on growth. In order to achieve this growth, we are always looking for new employees. Are you keen to work in international trade in the area of buying, sales or logistics? Get in touch and send us your motivation and CV to info@froconsur.com.

If you have any questions, please contact Joke Boschma, +31(0)58-2348392.

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